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This Easter promises to be a memorable and life changing one as we have put together two wonderful sessions designed to help any teen who attends be more effective, be successful and be all they can be… Let us not waste any time as we tell you what these sessions promises to deliver.

  1. Effective Communication for Teens: Tackling the Social Media Erosion.-Tuesday, April 7th 2015



Effective communication is communication that is clearly and successfully delivered, received and understood. Effective communication goes beyond speaking and understanding a particular language. It involves good listening, writing, and body language skills among other facets. Adolescents however are known to have abused this concept over time due to its miss-use on social media which has now become a norm in the way they communicate and relate. Our “Effective Communication for Teens – tackling the social media erosion” is specifically designed to curb this menace among adolescnts and teach them the importance of Effective Communication as it plays a major role/part in their development process.You do not want your teen to miss this!.

Session Objectives

At the end of this session, adolescents will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between formal and informal writing.
  •  Appreciate the negative effects of social media slangs.
  • Recognize areas for improvement for effective communication.
  • Use and interpret body language for effective communication
  • Conduct effective teen research using proper sources.
  • Hold better conversations that influence people


  1. Personal Effectiveness for Teens: Maximising the Teen Potential-Wednesday, April 8th 2015.


Personal Effectiveness relates to how well an adolescent asserts himself or herself as regards various life-skills such as Time-Management, Emotional Intelligence and so on to different life changing activities. Personal Effectiveness is therefore key to the success of any teen/adolescent as they develop. Our “Personal Effectiveness for Teens – Maximizing the Teen Potential” session is specially designed to teach Teens/adolescents the use of soft skills such as self-awareness, interpersonal relationship, creative thinking and problem solving effectively. Let your teen be a part of this and watch him or her excel among their peers.

At the end of this session, adolescents you will be able to:

  • Analyze different ways to deal positively with others and build effective relationships in and out of school.
  • Use practical methods to manage your time better and avoid procrastination.
  • Use different techniques to increase your self confidence

Understand how to overcome peer pressure

  • Know and manage yourselves and your relationships better using the key concept of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learn to be assertive, meet needs and work with others

These two full day teen sessions cost only N42,000.00 (Inclusive of VAT)  which will include our usual 3-course African/Continental buffet lunch that your teens love!

Places are limited so hurry and book your teen for this one time Easter bonanza as limited seats are available. To book reply this email stating your intention to book your teen(s)/adolescent(s) as well as the corresponding name(s) and we will reply with an invoice detailing session venue details and payment instructions.