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Managing Generational Differences


There is growing concern in organisations on how best to manage a workforce of three generations with differing mindsets and communication styles. The key to reducing generational conflicts and creating a harmonious and inclusive work environment is to effectively address and take advantage of the differences in values and expectations of each generation while being careful not to follow blanket stereotypes.

This workshop enables participants to understand each generation, their needs, communication preferences, and what is important to them.  Participants create their own roadmap of strategies on how to work more effectively with each generation so that the workplace is able to benefit and celebrate the talents of each generation, all while embracing and managing their differences.

Course profile

Generational context and core values

Expectations and Motivation

Myths and Stereotyping

Generational Communication preferences

Leadership styles & handling generational conflicts

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Build an understanding of their own core values and behaviours
  • Develop a framework for understanding the behaviours and core values of each generation
  • Effectively manage employees from different generations
  • Understand why and how each generation responds differently in the workplace
  • To work through the most common generational friction points
  • Decrease negative judgments and generational stereotyping
  • Acquire an overall appreciation for generational differences

Who will benefit

This workshop will benefit leaders and managers and anyone currently experiencing or expecting to experience the generational differences and their impact on the workplace.