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Leadership & Professionalism

In today’s fast paced and ever–changing world, leadership skills are essential to excel and succeed. Regardless of position or title, the most effective way to achieve a breakthrough in career or create sustainable achievements in a job is by demonstrating leadership skills.

This session is designed to enable participants develop true leadership values and achieve greater impact for their organization. It presents a new model which challenges the conventional view of leadership being a single individual’s responsibility.  It places the role of leadership on every member of the organization. Each person is challenged to apply critical skills and professional ethics to maximise their personal, professional and organisational productivity.

Course Profile

The Leadership equation.

Maintaining company-employee equilibrium

Core values in Leadership.

Requisite professional attributes

Appreciating personality types

Personality Description Board

Framework for Workplace Culture

Guidelines for professional dressing and grooming.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the necessary leadership skills and professional ethics and approaches they can apply to maximise productivity within the corporate environment
  • Apply these leadership skills combined with professional ethics in a manner that will support and enable a high performance environment.
  • Attain new levels of performance as well as keep them engaged and committed to the organisation.
  • Develop true leadership values and achieve greater impact as professionals.
  • Produce a plan for continuing self-development and apply specific key actions or skills learnt.

Who will benefit

This course is for current and aspiring managers, team leaders and all new employees who wish to learn how to lead, motivate self and others, maximize the success of their teams as well as appreciate what it takes to be a world-class professional.