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Conflict resolution


Conflict is inevitable. However, most people feel uncomfortable about conflict and conflict management and see conflict as indicative of a problem.  Conflicts will always arise in personal interactions both in and out of work, in team settings at work and relationships with clients, customers and other stakeholders. The fact is that conflict is healthy and is necessary to enable the resolution of an issue. Without addressing a conflict situation, the issues keep recycling and lead to sub-optimal outcomes at both personal and organizational levels


This workshop is designed to help participants handle conflicts and conflict situations. It provides a reference point to enable people deal with conflicts in a clear, rational, assertive, and non-aggressive manner. It provides participants with usable, relevant and confidence building tools to help them handle this difficult arena more effectively.


Course Profile

The Development of conflict

Workplace conflict – responses and consequences

Obstacles to effective conflict handling

Conflict Management styles

Effective systemic conflict management

Conflict Management Processes

At the end of the Session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how conflict arises and escalate
  • Develop a range of conflict resolution techniques which will help them achieve better outcomes to conflicts
  • Identify their preferred way of handling conflict situations
  • Resolve conflict early and fairly, get people working again and cut the cost of conflict
  • Grow empathy and impartiality skills and understand where people are coming from, enhance on-going relationships and enable you to tap into people’s potential
  • Hold crucial and difficult conversations.
  • Create an action plan for their specific conflict situations

Who will benefit

This course will benefit anyone who struggles to consistently obtain positive outcomes from conflict situations.  It will be equally useful for more experienced managers who would like to pick up new techniques for dealing with communication failure or personality clash.