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Effective Corporate Communication


Communication is vital to all relationships both at work and off work.  Good communication skills are necessary regardless of our position. Yet it is something we all take for granted and rarely think about what we are doing or how effective we are. Often, things go wrong with our communication! Most times when an individual, a department or even an organization is not meeting goals or doing what they should be doing it can almost always be traced to poor communication within that organization. Mastering the skill of communication requires continuous and conscious effort.

This course provides the basics of effective communication. It focuses on what people should pay attention to in order to improve the effectiveness of your communication.

Course Profile

Effective Communication course covers following:

What is Communication?

Goals of Communication

How does Communication Happen?

Body Language and Communication

Barriers to Communication

Using Communication skills: Influence and Persuasion

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize areas for improvement for effective communication
  • Use and interpret body language for effective communication
  • Hold conversations and influence people.
  • Apply specific commitments /actions plans have made during the training to their jobs.


Who will benefit

This session will benefit anyone who wishes to increase his/her influence and personal effectiveness.