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Emotional Intelligence Session


Emotional Intelligence is increasingly being linked to high performance. Effective Leaders not only know and manage themselves well, they are also able to harness the power of emotions to create significant connections with others and be a positive influence on their teams and throughout their organization. Emotional Intelligence involves an ongoing process of continued personal development.

This workshop focuses on the four components of Emotional Intelligence. It is designed to help participants better understand their moods and emotions and learn to use them to create harmonious relationships with others.

Course Profile


Determining one’s strengths and limitations; becoming aware of one’s emotions and their effects on one’s behaviour, as well as the impact one has on others.

Managing Emotions

Acquiring the skills to cope effectively with stress and anger;

Self-image and Self-Motivation

Developing a strong sense of self-worth and trusting one’s capabilities to cope with demands.

Social Skills

Becoming an active listener; Tuning in to the feelings of others; preventing emotional “triggers” from affecting our listening ability; Dealing more effectively with conflict


At the end of the Session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand own emotions better.
  • Manage own emotions more effectively and thereby increase quality of life.
  • Understand others better and thereby live more comfortably with other people.
  • Build more satisfactory relationships with other people at all levels and in all walks of life, thereby improving personal power and productivity.


Who will benefit

This session is for anyone wishing to increase their emotional intelligence and, in doing so, become powerful, positive forces within their teams and organizations.