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Fostering High Performance in the Work Environment


In today’s competitive world and uncertain economic times, the most effective way for businesses to achieve profitable growth is to focus on increasing the performance of its employees.  It is important for organizations to have leaders who can bring out the best in people. All High performing organizations have leaders who possess the attributes to maximize the potential of their workforce. This is what really defines and differentiates high performing from non-performing organizations. This workshop focuses on helping participants build skills that can enable their success in leadership roles. It provides appropriate resources to ensure the success of work teams and provides support at addressing individual leadership challenges.  It is built around recent and in-depth research on high performing organizations and the attributes of their leaders. Participants will learn how to replicate high-performance practices in their organizations and create an environment that brings out the best in people.  Participants will identify their key leadership challenges and develop Personal Action Plans to address those challenges based on course leanings, feedback and interaction with their peers.

Course Profile

Concept of high Performance

Characteristics of high performing organisations

Creating a work environment that enables high performance

High performance Leadership activities

Organisational and Individual behavior

High performance team management practices and processes


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate Leadership as the driving force behind high performance
  • Learn how to improve communication and build teamwork among the workforce
  • Understand how to align vision, mission and values to ensure everyone in the organization is heading in the same direction.
  • Create a work environment that enables employees maximize performance
  • Create incentives to reward and recognize the workforce and ensure they consistently deliver excellent results
  • Develop action plans that can be immediately implemented upon return to the office.


Who will benefit

This course is designed for managers, senior managers and executives who wish to enhance their skills and capabilities to inspire others to deliver superior results and who want to create a self – motivated workforce.