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Building & Leading Effective Teams


Businesses form teams to achieve objectives that improve the quality of services or products, reduce waste, or remove inefficiencies in a process. Effective team leadership is essential to company success.  A team leader who is proficient, professional and active within the team, can mean the difference between motivated employees and disgruntled employees.

This workshop provides the proven knowledge and competencies that will enable managers and team leaders to excel. The workshop will present participants with skills, know-how and tools to get the very best of every employee, and make a real difference in the effectiveness and productivity of their teams.


Course Profile

Concept of Team work and Stages in Team Development

Team Roles and barriers to team Success

Creating an environment for high team performance

Managing change, resolving conflicts

Team behavior and Leadership styles

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Set and accomplish team goals and objectives,
  • Get commitment to a shared vision,
  • Build a culture based on trust and mutual respect;
  • Coach, delegate and motivate,
  • Adapt their management style to suit the needs of their team.
  • Communicate and give feedback including unpleasant news without impairing self-esteem
  • Manage risks; resolve problems and conflicts;
  • Respect diversity; bring out the best in others, and lead team to success.



Who will benefit

This course is for current and aspiring managers and team leaders who wish to learn how to lead and motivate self and others and maximize the success of their teams.