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Awareness of Others Session


Connection is an important aspect of personal effectiveness. In general, people are more effective if they have a sense of being accepted. Awareness of others means knowing how people feel, what they need, how they think and what they believe in. Without awareness of others, one cannot be aware of the dynamics of relationships and the helpful and unhelpful patterns that are running and make them better.

This session focuses on managing relations through awareness of self and others. It focuses on understanding one’s personality style and the style of others to enhance effective interactions and relationships with them

Course Profile

Communication and Personality Styles

Basic Human Needs, Assertiveness and getting Needs met

Giving feedback to people

Working with others and resolving conflicts

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their personality and communication styles and how this affects their interactions with others
  • Communicate better and get along better with people
  • Understand their needs and be able to meet these needs in an assertive way
  • Provide feedback to others without hurting self esteem
  • Work productively and assertively in a team
  • Manage and resolve conflicts in a productive manner
  • Develop an action plan that can be immediately implemented upon return to the office.


Who will benefit

This session will benefit anyone who wishes to increase his/her influence and personal effectiveness.