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Dealing with Unconscious Bias


The concept of unconscious bias is gaining a lot of attention as the dynamics of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace keeps changing.  Unconscious bias refers to our natural people preferences. Buried within the subconscious of everyone are biases which we consciously reject. People can consciously and deliberately work to behave without prejudices yet still possess hidden negative prejudices and stereotypes.  An awareness of unconscious bias allows us to fundamentally rethink the way we approach leadership, organizational policies and culture on a number of different levels.

This workshop explores the concept of Unconscious bias. It is designed to help participants become aware of what biases they have and the impact these could have on their decision making. It equips participants with the tools to improve people decisions and enhance diversity and inclusion to the benefit of the organization.

Course Profile

Stereotypes and Prejudices

Effects of Prejudice and Stereotypes

Exploring unconscious bias

Combatting Hidden bias

Committing to change

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the types and strengths of their unconscious biases
  • Analyse the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Address unconscious bias
  • Recognise the need to fair and objective at key times


Who will benefit

This course is recommended for leaders wishing to attain a new level of engagement about diversity issues.