Emedith Consulting

Essentials of Organisational Socialisation


Whether they are entry-level beginners or corporate leaders, new hires are more likely to become productive workers and stay with the company if their onboarding experiences fully integrate them into the employer’s corporate culture.

Our On-boarding sessions are designed to support new hires to ensure they have all the critical information necessary to ramp up in their roles and contribute their talents and expertise to meaningful work.   All our organisational socialisation sessions are bespoke and we work with our clients to support the on-boarding journey of new hires for the first three or six months.

New hires complete a series of follow-on training events within their first 90 days at the firm. This follow-on training includes a new hire welcome event with a senior leader guest speaker.      New hires also attend group-specific orientations to ensure they are aligned with their specific team goals as well as gain a deep understanding of opportunities for career development.

We also provide additional resources and immersion programs for senior staff to accelerate their learning about leadership roles and expectations.


Our sessions aim to:

  • Provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their new jobs
  • Increase productivity and employee retention by making personal connections and demonstrating your commitment
  • Introduce company policies, procedures, and culture
  • Ensure that employees quickly get up to speed on job skills and company culture


Who will benefit

All new employees at all levels