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5 Traits of Successful People



It is no doubt that adolescents have people they look up to as Role Models who they aspire to be like some day. “Rome was not built in a day” as the popular saying goes. Most teens are overwhelmed by the successes of these ‘Role Models’ and don’t push hard enough to at least find out the habits, behaviour or traits of these Successful People.

Here are 5 traits of successful people we think will help you as an adolescent know what it is like to be in their shoes.

  1. They find a lesson where others find a problem.

Successful people are always optimistic. They never let anything weigh them down. They only see obstacles as challenges and stepping stones to soar higher.

  1. They are solution focused.

Successful people look to find solutions to problems. A good example of a successful person that is solution focused is Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote who identified a problem with Nigeria’s oil sector specifically the fact that our refineries are not working and took it upon himself to build one.


  1. They ask the right questions.

People who are successful or aspire to be successful ask the right questions that put them in a productive, creative, positive mindset that help them function and go on to do greater things.


  1. They are busy, productive and proactive.

While others lay on the couch, watch television and do nothing, successful people engage in positively challenging things that help build their minds to getting things done.

  1. They associate themselves with like-minded people.

To be successful, you have to be around success. You have to find people of the same ideology with you. This puts in that perspective and in the right mind to be successful always.


Study these five traits or habits and you would be on the right part to becoming as successful as the successful people or maybe even more.


Never give up. Be steadfast and stay strong. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SHINE!