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What is your biggest turn off on social media? Is it the people who are always negative, those who start drama, or those who are fake? All these and more definitely hold their own weight when it comes to inappropriate actions on social media.

Often times many of us get so carried away with our social media interactions and completely discard our manners. The funny truth is, people like to be treated with respect, care and thoughtfulness online. So this month’s blog article main goal will be about finding ways to do that through social media.


A few basic Dos and Don’ts that could be applied on all social media platforms:

The Dos;

 Do be selective.
You do not have to accept every friend request that comes your way. It’s okay to restrict your Facebook friends list to people you actually know and only follow Instagram accounts with pictures you actually want to see. Hey, your Twitter account can even be educational if you will just get choosy.
 Do model good behaviour.
Our online activity may feel private, but we all know it leaves a permanent mark. That is why we should consider our social media accounts as a future lesson for our kids. If they are not watching now, they will be soon enough. Always model good online behaviour.
 Do practice positivity.
If you like a post, like it! Got an encouraging word to say? Go ahead and comment. If you are going to act impulsively on social media, let this be the way you do it.
Do promote your work.
Social media offers many ways to grow the reach of your business. We are all for taking advantage of these benefits as long as you do it the right way. Instead of harassing family and friends through your personal account, create a new account for your business and allow the traffic to grow. Then you will know that all of your followers are genuinely interested.

The Don’ts;

Don’t be fake.
Yeah, we know. Social media is basically a smoke screen for people to hide behind. But you have got to admit, it is exhausting to try to keep up appearances. Be yourself. Your friends sent requests based on the real you. That is who they want to see online.
Don’t believe everything you read.
If Facebook is your primary source of news, it is time to branch out. Consider the author of each post, article or blog you read and read it carefully—before accepting information as truth and approving the content.
Don’t avoid other tasks.
Browsing through Instagram for a few minutes is fun. Scrolling for an hour is a waste of time. Make sure your social media use is not simply a diversion from other more important things like chores and relationships. We have to maintain balance.
Don’t take everything personal.
I have friends who seem to live and die by Facebook. If someone does not friend them, they think there is secretly a huge war brewing between them and this now former friend. But sometimes it is not about you. Sometimes someone missed your request or just is not signing on as much. Either way, if you truly feel you have been slighted by someone you know well in real life, send them an actual email to ask. If they are a real friend, they will explain, and hopefully a needless Facebook war can be avoided.


Before posting up any updates on social media platform endeavour to put these in mind; Is it necessary? Is it kind? Is it helpful? These three things will help shape your posts.
Thank you!!!