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The EMEDITH Adolescent of the Month of July

Meet Zuriel Oduwole, the EMEDITH Adolescent  of the month of July.

She is the 12 year old filmmaker and has interviewed 14 Heads of state,

Zuriel Oduwole who was born in California by a Nigerian father and a Mauritian mother is often described as The World’s Youngest Filmmaker. Just at age 12,  She has been able to produce four documentaries films– all of which focuses on African issues.

Her journey into film making  started three years ago when she decided to enter a school documentary film making competition in Ghana revolution. After her first encounter into film making, Zuriel decided she was going to make movies.
Zuriel’s second and third works are , “Education and Healing Africa Out of Poverty,” and  “Technology in Educational Development.”

“A Promising Africa”, Zuriel’s current project, has earned her considerable fame, as well as the fact that young Zuriel, remarkably, has interviewed 14 heads of state; a few of those include the Presidents of Tanzania, Liberia, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria and Cape Verde, as well as Nigerian business Mogul and 46th Forbes richest man in the world Mr. Aliko Dangote.

Some of Zuriel’s achievments are:

  • Business Insider’s world’s 100 most powerful individuals 2014
  • International Education Advocate via ‘Dream up, Speak Up, Stand up’: Spoken to over 21,000 students in nine countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Zuriel Oduwole is the EMEDITH adolescent of the month of JULY. Congratulations Zuriel!

zuriel interviewing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia