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Job Vacancy Announcement

Our Client, a Beauty Trading Company, dealing in Product, Accessory and Equipment used in beauty/personal care services is recruiting suitably qualified candidates for immediate employment in the following position:

Procurement Manager

Job Overview & Description

The Procurement Manager’s role is perhaps the most sensitive role in the entire organization as it requires a great deal of ethics, constant market research, market benchmarks and competitor pricing, broad oversight to all operations and attention to detail. It is important the Procurement Manager understands regulatory requirements for export, import, product registration, shipping, SONCAP, PAR and NAFDAC processes. The Position ensures product availability at the best value to ensure competitive position. He/She will have to constantly negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the organization maximizes value. The Buyer must escalate all metrics, incidence and transaction that will threaten the financial position of the company. This position has oversight to all financial information, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. The manager must be ready to be audited at any time. Confidentiality of Company information, Integrity, diligence, accuracy of data and Honesty are MANDATORY for this Role.

Job Responsibilities

  • Have a working technical knowledge of the goods or services to be purchased
  • Identifying foreign and domestic suppliers and vendors.
  • Product sourcing directly from manufacturers while ensuring profitable agreements
  • Preparation, Negotiation, purchasing and shipping of Goods
  • Clearing of goods and compliance with all regulatory bodies for product export and import.
  • Trademarks, purchase orders and filing /updating of all trade agreements.
  • Preparing reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries and demand/forecast statements;
  • Financial forecasting and risk analysis;
  • Liaising with managerial staff, colleagues and clients;
  • Negotiating business terms with clients and associated organizations;
  • Providing excellent market intelligence information to manage expenditure to ensure organization offers lowest pricing in the Market.
  • Preparing and managing all company purchase orders
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements to ensure all products follow due process.
  • Undertaking Forex transactions and keeping of financial records and Managing foreign exchange impact and transactions
  • Ensuring compliance with Import and export policies
  • Inventory analysis with the aim of optimizing inventory and quick turnover of goods
  • Tracking and monitoring all purchase related information
  • Undertaking daily market research to ensure organization is up to date with the latest trends in the beauty Industry. Keep abreast of changes affecting both the supply of, and demand for, needed products and materials


  • Research and Analytical Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Communication Proficiency.
  • Customer/Client Focus.
  • Time Management.
  • Collaboration Skills.

Qualification and Experience

  • A Degree or a Diploma and 5+ Years experience in a Procurement role.   A certification in Purchasing will be an added advantage. Familiarity with products, accessory and equipment used in the Beauty Industry and how to source them is essential.

Apply Here

Suitably qualified candidates should apply by filling out the registration form above or send their detailed CVs to info@emedith.com with the position being applied for as the title of the email. 

Acceptable CVs must have information in the following order:

Name, Email, Primary Phone Number, Home Address, Academic /Qualification(s), Professional Qualification, Years/Details of Experience, Date of Birth.

Candidates are strongly advised not to send in more than one application.